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Dizziness is very common, it is accepted that upto one third of all adults may become dizzy at some time, and this figure increases as we become older. In the over-75's age group, dizziness is the most common reason to see your GP. It is often extremely distressing and greatly affects your quality of life.

Luckily, most forms of dizziness are easily treatable. The key is obtaining a correct diagnosis early on. At Aberdeen Balance Clinic, you will receive a thorough assessment, including neuro-otological and opthalmic tests, dynamic posturography and Video-Nystagmography (video-goggles to monitor eye movements). Alan Sealy himself will carry out your assessment and, where possible, give you a clear diagnosis, based upon the test results and his considerable clinical experience. Where necessary, we liase with specialist ENT consultants at BMI Albyn Hospital.

Vestibular treatment programmes may include, for example, treatment manouevres for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, (BPPV), along with a programme of individually-tailored vestibular rehabilitation exercises. These typically involve eye, neck and whole-body coordination exercises and are targeted specifically towards your condition.

The whole consultation may take betwen 45 - 90 minutes. It is usual to attend follow-up sessions over the next few weeks, either for further treatments or in order to progress your rehabilitation programme.

Treatment success rate is extremely high and the prognosis for most vestibular (balance) disorders is very good. Modern, good-quality research-evidence demonstrates the positive effects of vestibular treatment / rehabilitation.